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Feds Get In On The SACtion

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Great headline, right? There’s more where that came from. Anyway, according to papers files yesterday, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is now investigating allegations that a SAC trader was required to take female hormones as part of a senior trader’s “top secret training program.” For those of you who don’t have Google alerts set up for “some pretty fucked up shit,” Andrew Tong, who was fired last year from the hedge fund, has accused Ping Jiang of sexual harassment that had Tong taking female hormones (which he bought on the black market) in order to reduce aggressiveness and make him more effeminate, and, in turn, a better trader. Additionally, there’s been talk of “sexual relations between two men.” Tong has also stated that the hormones caused him significant emotional and physical distress, as well as impotence.
The Post reports that those who know Jiang, still running SAC’s computer trading at its Madison Avenue offices, are surprised by the accusations. “He was a very bright, quiet loner…an aggressive trader who like to take big positions,” said a former Lehman exec (where Jiang and Tong first met, nine years ago). Another former Lehman Brother, and Jiang sympathizer speculated that "[Jiang’s] strategy might have rubbed [Tong] the wrong way, but the most successful people in hedge funds are intense and single-minded," presumably referring to Jiang’s more legal trading strategies. Meanwhile, a third former Brother (and DealBreaker reader) countered that Jiang is a “maniac” and said that the allegations seem “plausible.”
Up in Stamford, SAC employees are flummoxed. Not by the accusations, per se, but the rationale behind them. "If taking female hormones actually helped you do your job, they would simply hire women here," one said. "But they don't.”
For his part, Stevie Cohen is apparently angry, or at least embarrassed, and supposedly dispatched his minions to go from “desk to desk to try and find out who leaked a witch hunt." In accordance with his personality, Stevie will have no compunction over burning anyone alive, which he's said to have done before, "for lesser things."
Jiang/SAC’s lawyers called the allegations "salacious and false." Tong’s lawyer, sort of awesomely, countered that the allegations are "neither salacious nor false." False? Perhaps not. Salacious? We think so. One wonders what other sort of cases Tong's lawyer may have covered that would make him so openminded.
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