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Feng Shui Master Says She Was Ron Burkle's MistressElegant, Gracious Gal Pal Got Him Drunk To Get Him Frisky, Writes Tell-All Memoir

Skirt-chasing supermarket mogul Ron Burkle is often said to have done for Bill Clinton on the west coast what Jeffrey Epstein did for the former president on the east coast. (Whatever that is.) So with Epstein now facing lawsuits from the Loch Ness monster and other creatures who allege that they were victims of his unsavory appetites, it only makes sense that Burkle would find himself in the headlines again.
Of course, the charges against Burkle are not so much criminal as potentially embarrassing. An alleged former paramour has told Page Six that Burkle is a "sexually inept lover." Chevyn McClintock describes her attempts to bolster his sexual confidence by getting him drunk. "The only area in life he appeared not to have confidence in was in natural sexual aggression, so I would initiate that transition after a few strong cocktails or large glasses of wine," she writes in her untitled memoir she is hoping will attract the attention of a publisher.
So who is Cheyvn? Her website gives her version of the story of her "beautiful gracious life." (Although writing about how you got a rich guy drunk to get him into the sack and then complaining about his performance is hardly what we might call "gracious.")

From her birth into a classic, traditional, elegant American family, Chevyn has continuously lived a beautiful gracious life. Ms. McClintock has extensive experience in interior design (award-winning, published and televised) Feng Shui Master; Art & Antiquities private dealer (clientele includes some of the most important and influential collectors in America) hostess extraordinaire in Los Angeles, Texas and New York City; fine wine connoisseur and collector (as acknowledged in the New York Times) and patron & fund-raiser for numerous social and charitable origanizations.

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