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Finally, Allegations Stevie Cohen Can Get Behind: Hormone Investigation ‘Reveals’ Possible Sexism SAC

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CNBC reports that the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has taken the unusual step of performing “on-site” interviews at SAC Capital, on account of the fact that the accusations levied by a former junior trader, Andrew Tong, that his boss, Ping Jiang, forced him to, among other things, take female hormones and dress like a woman, are more fucked up than the run of the mill, “they fired me because I’m Jewish” cases the agency is used to. Jiang, as well as his entire trading staff, have been questioned, and the EEOC is expected to decide whether or not to join the suit in the coming weeks (enough affirmative responses to the question, “Did Tong ever ask you if you found his top ‘too cleavy’ for the office?” ought to do it).
The EEOC is also said to be thinking about expanding its inquiry into the hedge fund’s attitude toward women, after one employee told the Post, “If taking female hormones actually helped you do your job, they would simply hire women here...But they don't.” Oh, and Tong’s allegations now include being “tied up” by Jiang. Additionally, CNBC notes that the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York has interviewed Tong about trading activities at the fund, and that Stevie Cohen is going to castrate the associate that let this story get out today at 4, in an unintentionall homage to Jiang's trading philosophy that men need to be more like women.
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