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Finally, Becky Quick Expecting?

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The last time Becky Quick boarded the private plane of one of the legends of American wealth, rumors and speculation—or, well, completely made-up stories—flew across the interwebs that the CNBC anchor had married Boone Pickens in China. “Finally, wedding bells for Becky Quick?” CNBC reporter Jane Wells asked, tongue firmly planted in cheek.
This morning Quick climbed on board Warren Buffett’s plane, bound once more for the Middle Kingdom. And the rumors are flying right along with her. What has sparked the latest round of making stuff up about the globe trotting Squawk Boxer was a question from Squawk on the Street anchor Erin Burnett about Quick calling into the show rather than enjoying a glass of champagne on the private plane.
“Actually, it’s not champagne we’re drinking this morning. It was orange juice,” Quick said.
Which is what got the tongues wagging with speculation that Quick could be pregnant. “It looks as though the Quick clan was expecting another member,” one viewer wrote us. “When she passed on Berkshire's complimentary Mums champagne, it's as good as fact.”
Because everyone knows that the only reason a girl would turn down champagne in the morning is that she’s pregnant.
Click on the picture above for our version of the upcoming totally imaginary Portfolio cover featuring Quick, done Harper's Bazaar meets Vanity Fair style. (Warning: despite all the important bits being covered and the fact that very similar pictures have run on the covers of magazines sold in grocery stores, the picture may be NSFW.)
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