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For What It's Worth, Jeffrey Epstein Has Been Known To Spend A Lot Of Time In Scotland

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Of course the Jeffrey Epstein case now involves allegations of sexual assault on a transsexual. This story has been begging for it since day one. Who is said she-male? Well, you already know her/him. That’s right, last week’s j’accusor Maximilia Cordero, who claims that she was the victim of some unwanted touching from Jeffery Epstein that she only went along with on numerous occasions because she “just wanted to be a model” was apparently “born Maximillian Cordero in 1983.”
The Post claims that Max has been dressing up as a girl since 12, and has had “cosmetic work” done to look more like a woman (which would explain the DSLs you all got so excited about when her picture first ran, but don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gay) and has been taking hormone treatments for almost a decade. On one of Max’s MySpace pages, she’s checked the male gender box, and also describes herself as “a spoiled bitch and really mean.” And, no thanks to Epstein, who promised he could get her into the Victoria’s Secret catalogue if she was “nice,” Max has been doing steady modeling work, along with part time attendance at F.I.T.
Cordero’s lawyer, William Unroch of William Unroch’s Blog fame denies that his client is a man, saying, “She’s a female, and she’s always been a female,” though one might note that last week Unroch was referred to as Cordero’s boyfriend and this week, “roommate and ex-boyfriend.” Sounds like someone had a problem with his gf being a bf. In what appeared to be an attempt to bring a little humor to the situation, Unroch added, “I may also be female. I’m checking with my doctors,” though conceivably he could’ve been dead serious.
Epstein’s lawyer, Gerald Lefcourt, in an effort to top the latest revelations, kidded/predicted, “It wouldn’t surprise me if the next claim was from the Loch Ness monster,” and also made sure to add, “[Epstein]’s never been accused of [trysting with underage boys].” But since the flood gates have been opened, and Epstein’s proven to be a bad judge of “guy or girl?” in the past (no fault of his own, since the one constant in this case is that his victims were mostly ornamental masturbatory material with the occasional blow job), odds are we're about to hear from at least handful of young boys who were thrown into the mix, whether or not Epstein knew they were boys at the time. The real question is: who will come forward next—another then-underage male or one of the best-known mysteries of cryptozoology? (Our money's on Nessie. That ho's been outing rich pervs for YEARS.)
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