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Fox Biz Iz All Up In Your Webz

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We’ve got two weeks to wait until the Fox Business Network is launched on television. But it’s already up on the web.
Or at least partially.
Today FBN unveiled its new website. It’s short of business content but has a crisp look, and none of the busy-ness that makes look so cluttered. They’re also clearly playing up the glamour shots of the network's hotties, such as reporters Jenna Lee and Shibani Joshi.
It seems that reporters and anchors will also be blogging on the site. Lee makes a play for your hearts and minds by writing on her blog, “I don’t dread reporting any aspect of business news, except job cuts. It seems so easy to rattle off those numbers like a play-by-play and forget that the data represents individuals. Layoffs are a big deal, and I know about job cuts firsthand.”
Joshi tops her, though, by touching on two subjects that are really close to the hearts of DealBreaker’s staff: endless work weeks and “the bars that never close.” We’re definitely going to be looking out for Joshi at our favorite afterhours bar soon.
The site does seem a bit buggy right now and is not easy to navigate. We couldn’t get some of the blogs to scroll and some videos didn’t seem like they wanted to play. The lack on internal links to individual stories or blog items will definitely cut down on its usefulness. Hopefully this is just a micro-website for promotional purposes.

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