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Growing Old With Lindsay CampbellWallStrip Turns One, Host Continues Not Stripping

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We remember when little Lindsay Campbell was just a hot chick on the internet. She was kind of smart, and liked talking about stocks, so we agreed to appear on some early episodes. Then, one night, she batted her eyelashes at a CBS executive and the network rained money down on her little website.
That, at least, is how we’ll be telling the story over happy hour drinks at Tom & Jerry’s tonight. The truth is that has always been a lot more than a chick with a camera. There's obviously a lot of thought that goes into each episode, and a hard working team that makes it happen. The team has spent the past year exploring stocks hitting all times highs, often having a lot of fun with them. Our personal favorite was the "Thank You For Smoking" inspired take on Altria.
And Lindsay isn't just some cute chick who is "kind of smart." She is really smart. And has a kindness and charm that is almost brutalizing. It makes you feel completely disarmed, almost defenseless. Which is one of the secrets to why she is able to do so well on the show.
We were a regular guest in the early days of the show, appearing in what has now become their Friday interview. Mostly, we added a bit of humbug bashing and poison wit into the sometimes too-sweet show. It was our way of defending ourselves against the bright, charming shine of Miss Campbell and her crew. We like to think we might have influenced their coverage a bit. You’ll notice they pay a lot of attention to guns, booze, gambling, sex, smokes and similar elements of DealBreaker's version of the good life.
And it looks they will keep it up.
"Over time, guns, booze, gambling, Internet and sex will continue their out performance," Wallstrip co-creator Howard Lindzon says. "It may not be fair and may not seem right, but those that invest in these themes will be continually rewarded."
Happy birthday, Wallstrip. Don’t forget to invite us to the party.

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