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Guy Suing Jeffrey Epstein For Touching 16 Year-Old Eagerly Anticipates The Day When “Old White Men [Can] Date Young White Women” Without Shame

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February 05, 2007, 06:46:59 PM Went to a lousy strip club with my friend Howard the other night. I am a super lousy customer since I never spend a dime on table dances. When I think the damn strippers are making $1000 a night there is no way in hell I am going to give them 5 cents of my hard earned money.
Now Howard on the other hand is a different story. The old bastard is 83, loves women in their 20s, and is good for a few hundred a night at these clubs. Unlike most of the younger patrons Howard is actually seriously trying to pick the girls up.
Our society is really funny. 40 years ago if a black guy dated a white woman half the population would go berserk. Now we are told it is the greatest thing since sliced bread on shows like Las Vegas or whatever. Lesbian couples are the glory of the day. So what's left.
Well folks the only real taboo left is old white guys dating young women. The rich old white corporate pigs who run the world and date all the young white girls they want have decided the only way it is ok for every other old white guy to date a young woman is if there is some sad story behind it, i.e. the guy is dying, the woman a psycho, etc. Because of this poor old bastards like Howard have to spend hundreds a night at strip clubs.
Now perhaps one day in the not too distant future the old white corporate pigs who run the world will declare it is a great thing for average old white guys in there 80s to date beautiful 20 year old white girls. When this happy day comes the rest of us poor old white guys will have something to look forward to as we get older. Frankly I much rather look forward to that then looking forward to joining AARP.

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