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Halloween Costumes

Hey, what are you being for Halloween? Bess and I have been invited to a variety of Halloween parties and apparently Halloween falling in the middle of the week means that everyone feels entitled to tell you that you must wear a costume for, like, five days. Horrendous. Or even worse. So, we need your help. What should we dress up as this week.
We've got some conceptual ideas but we need your suggestions about how we should make these happen. Please let us know what you think the best ways to dress as the following.
•Credit Crunch.
•Oil roaring to record levels.
•Write downs.
•Ben Bernanke.
•Ben Bernake's helicopter.
•Slutty Nasdaq.
•Slutty China.
•Slutty Warren Buffett.
•Slutty and Pregnant Becky Quick.
•Maria Bartiromo.
•Free furniture.
•Cheap chocolate.
•Proxy access.