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Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Dalliance With A Drug-Addicted Transgender Model Making Things Weird Between Him and His US Virgin Island Governor Buddy-Friend?

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In layman's terms: not really. Though “sources close to” USVI Governor, John P. deJongh Jr., whose election campaign Epstein has donated approximately $1 million to, say there may be “concern” that deJongh will now be associated with what a bunch of prudes really just blowing things out of proportion are calling “a sexual predator,” the fact that Epstein employs deJongh’s wife and pays for the deJongh children’s private school tuition should keep things copacetic (in addition to the political contributions, obviously). Plus, it’s the Virgin Islands, where you can do whatever you want (ask us about James Cayne’s drug mule-cum-kept-boy later, with which deJongh has "no prob"). The Gov has already commented that he finds it “highly appropriate” for his wife to continue working as the director of Epstein’s J. Epstein Virgin Island Foundation, an organization which gives exceptionally motivated young teens (male or female, as long as they show promise) scholarships to massage school to be followed by placement in one of Epstein’s homes, and clearly, it is. And though he hasn’t said anything about it on the record, the fact that he was cool with Jeffrey “regularly ferrying boatloads”—think about that: “boatloads”—of young ladies to Little St. James, Epstein’s island off the coast of St. Thomas, for the past several years, more or less seems to be deJongh’s blessing to “do what you want.”
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