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Jeffrey Epstein Is A Proponent Of The “You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours” Business Model

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Except that instead of a back it’s a penis and instead of a scratch it’s a suck. That’s right, we’re knee-deep into the latest sex suit against Jeffrey Epstein, brought by a girl who, at the time, was whatever the opposite of over eighteen is. This one’s from Maximilia Cordero, an aspiring model, who claims that in 2000, Epstein lured her to his Upper East Side apartment on the promise that “he and his wealthy friends would help…with her modeling career.” After giving her a tour of the place (making sure to note the huge spiral staircase, crystal ball, chandeliers, a room with red chairs, and a statue of a dog, for good measure) in his bathrobe, Epstein was finally able to seal the deal (for what was allegedly the first of many times) by saying, “I am the money manager for Victoria’s Secret” and claiming to have the pull to “get [Cordero] in the catalogue,” if only she would “be nice to him,” adding “if you want me to help you, then you have to help me.” (Epstein, in order to quell the girl’s fears as to what people would think of her blowing a man old enough to be her father, swore that he “wouldn’t tell anyone.” Bet he’s wishing he’d gotten her to do the same! Ah, well, hindsight.) Then he came in her mouth and requested that she return with her “14, 15, and 16 year old girlfriends next time." So what we're getting from this is that the guy's bedside manner is kind of weak (you don't ask about the friends until at least 60 minutes have past, that's a standard rule). Is that really something he should go to jail for?
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