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Jeffrey Epstein Tried To Find Girls That Were Over 18, Does That Not Count For Something?

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We submit yes. From the mailbag:

Hey Bess,
I read your post on Jeffrey Epstein yesterday, and it was so funny because I actually got solicited by one of Epstein's ladyfriends spring of 2006. Definitely before the Palm Beach arrest.
I was in a bar in SoHo, and the bartender came over to me and said "You're so pretty! How old are you?". I said "Thanks. I'm twenty, but I'm here with friends and I'm not drinking." Which was true. She then asked if I was "really" twenty, and I said I was. She then said that she knew this wonderful rich guy Jeff, who was so nice and owned an island and really loved massages. And then she proceeded to explain the Epstein thing; she was like, it's totally not sketchy, you go to his house and I'll go with you, and you wear something sexy and you give him a massage, and then he "finishes himself" and gives you $300. She asked me again if I was "really" twenty; she seemed quite hung up on making sure I was of age. I guess he knew that he was about to get in trouble for his penchant for high school girls, but he didn't want to give up his happy towel times entirely.
In order to convince me of how not sketchy it would be, she called over this other girl and had her testify to how lovely Jeff was. It was so strange, because I remember thinking I'd never been standing next to two people who looked so much like me. We were all like 5'8" pale blonde girls (they were both Russian). He definitely had a very specific physical type. And the girl actually said that, something about how he would love me so much, because I was just his type.
It was totally weird, I said thanks but no thanks, and I never really thought about it again until the arrest became a big news story.
Life is strange.