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Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers Continue To Smear The Girls of Palm BeachAlso Talking About A Class Action Style Settlement Fund

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The lawyers for admitted sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein are girding their loins for the flood of lawsuits they expect from young women who may claim to have been victimized by Epstein in his pursuit of erotically charged massages. First things first: make sure you tag the girls as little junkie sluts who are just out for a dollar.
"You are a girl who is broke who uses drugs. Here's your shot at getting some money," one source tells Page Six.
Now admittedly, when a guy as rich as Epstein is rumored to be lands in trouble, there will definitely be con-artists and frauds who will seek a fast buck by alleging to be victims. As a girl we know likes to say, "Shit on yourself for long enough, and the flies will start to notice." But the lawyers don’t just expect suits from random buck-seekers. Apparently they’ve identified quite a few girls—forty according to Page Six—who they expect could “come forward.” Some of these girls didn’t even give Epstein a rub down—but they were in his house, apparently.
It seems Epstein’s lawyers have given up trying to save their client’s reputation. Now it’s just about trying to save his cash. Because if they cared about his reputation, they might not want to emphasize how many random girls, possibly drug addicts, who just happened to be wandering around Epstein’s house at any given moment.
But then again, we’ve never hung out with Epstein so maybe this is just standard in his circle. No biggie. Really. Who doesn’t have random strung-out teenagers over for lunch regularly?
The lawyers are also reportedly establishing some sort of claims fund, a lump sum settlement to pay off all the alleged victims of Epstein’s massage habit. Which makes us feel kind of bad for the settlement fund, Oh, settlement fund! How far you have fallen. From smoking suits across the country to this low-state. Don’t worry, settlement fund. Their will be better days.
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