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Would you rather have a CEO who’s become a joke only recently (let’s say June) or one who’s been a joke since day one? A CEO who’s going to kick it any day now or one who’s probably got a few good years left? A CEO who comes into the office or one who works from the green? A CEO with his own ballpark (in association with a certain 88-win team) or one with none? A CEO who’s built something or a CEO who’s danced? A CEO who holds a gun to his board’s collective head to encourage them to nod in agreement when he says stuff like “everything’s going as planned” on conference calls or a CEO who walks out of conference calls two minutes after they’ve begun? A CEO who commissioned an employee to blog about his failures or a CEO who just yesterday stopped a suspicious looking secretary in the hallway and said “If you tell anyone about this, I’ll fucking kill you”? A CEO with white hair or a CEO with black hair with streaks of white? A CEO who’s cut out meat from Bobby Van’s for both “health reasons” and out of respect for animals or a CEO kills a calf every morning “to start the day on a high note”? A CEO who’s fired one or two people so as to cover his own ass or a CEO who’s gotten rid of at least 1,000 (think mysteriously disappearing first-years who were asking too many questions about maintaining positive operating leverage)? In other words:

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*Just that he'd do a heck of a job (ask him about it at john at dealbreaker dot com). Plus, he's been in a fistfight with at least one homeless guy, so he's more than prepared for the Stearns bullpen.