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Maria Bartiromo and Chris Matthews To Host Republican Economic Debate

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This morning’s Wall Street Journal carried a front page story about the Republican Party “losing grip” on the business vote. The lack of budget discipline by the last Republican Congress was an absolute disaster for Republicans, who have lost their selling point as the economically responsible party.
The media has also made a big play out of Alan Greenspan’s criticism of Republican leadership. There’s no doubt that he is voicing the views of many formerly loyal Republicans when he says he no longer recognizes his party when he looks at the way it behaved in the twenty-first century. (The media tend to underplay his lack of enthusiasm for Democratic proposal for greater regulation, higher spending and higher taxes. But that’s probably just something they accidentally overlooked.) We keep getting reminded of that scene at the end of Animal Farm where the pigs are playing cards with the farmers, and it becomes impossible to tell who is a pig and who is a farmer.
So it should be interesting to see how the Republican presidential candidates handle the debate sponsored by NBC, MSNBC, and The Wall Street Journal on Monday. The moderators will be Maria Bartiromo and Chris Matthews. As a rule, we avoid watching debates but we might give this one a chance. Will the Republican candidates repudiate the spend-and-regulate policies that their party adopted? Or will they play some economic populist card and call for greater regulation in the wake of the recent credit crunch? What is the Republican stance on the troubles in the housing market? Are they going to take a libertarian stance on taxes and regulation or play Democrat-lites?
We honestly don’t know what the Republican economic agenda is anymore. According to Larry Kudlow it seems to involve always being an optimist, lowering interest rates, cutting taxes, opening the borders to a lot more immigrants and talking about the enthusiasm of a girl called Goldilocks who seems to have a fetish for men who use the phrase “supply side.”
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