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The new details surrounding the expiration of Circle T Founder Seth Tobias, who was found dead in his Jupiter pool last month, are either totally salacious or not salacious at all, I can’t decide. Let’s walk through them together. Billy Ash, the former personal assistant of the hedge fund manager and his wife, Filomena, is now saying that Tobias was murdered by his wife, which she allegedly confessed to the PA over the phone a few days after the killing. “She just started talking about what happened on Sunday, going into Monday, and then how she eventually did it Monday night,” Ash told FINalternatives. Though Ash, who, just putting this out there, sometimes goes by “Mr. Madam,” and esteems himself a colleague of "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss, claims that the Jupiter police recorded “hundreds” of calls between him and Filomena (the Jupiter police did not return calls for comment), the one during which she allegedly confessed to being her husband’s killer was not, and she never explicitly admitted to doing it again.
Jupiter police have yet to classify Tobias’s death, and toxicology tests are still pending. Ash, who, according to the Palm Beach Post, is a former “Lauderdale-based gay pimp,” a characterization which he himself objects to, saying his operation was entirely heterosexual, says it was “not necessarily poisoning” that killed his employer. “There were lots of other things that happened,” Ash alleges with a vagueness that makes it sound like he could be lying. “When she did her first thing…she had everything very thought out, and then he didn’t die. Then she had to hurry up and think, ‘I don’t want him living anymore.’ She had every opportunity, and every step of that night, over the course of all of those hours, at any given time she could have changed her mind and said, ‘Am I losing my mind? [Ed.: ARE WE?] Why am I doing this?’ And she never did.” (Mr. M. has not yet gone into further detail as to how Filomena tried, failed, and succeeded in slaying her husband.)
Ash says that the Tobiases were fully aware of his past (the whoreing ring, the arrests, the writing of bad checks), and, in fact, welcomed it with open arms. Far from an impediment to his work, Ash’s CV apparently endeared him to Mr. Tobias, who Ash claims was gay, battled drug and alcohol addiction and had a penchant for buying sex. The personal assistant, who also has experience in couple’s counseling, says that the Seth and Filomena had a “volatile relationship,” and calls the marriage “a façade. He was gay. As far as I’m aware, he’s always had boyfriends.” Ash charges that Tobias’s most recent “boyfriend” was an exotic dancer from the local Palm Beach gay club called Cupids. According to Mr. Madam, Tobias’s dalliances with the “boyfriend,” known to friends and clients as “Tiger,” ultimately contributed to Filomena’s murder of her husband.
Are we buying this? Crazier things have been known to happen. Maybe. I don't know. You hedge fund people and your personal assistants are fucking lunatics.
On another note, the $80-million hedge fund run by Tobias is being wound down, and money returned to investors. The Two other Circle T funds, which are run by Tobias’s half-brothers, remain in tact. Who’s interested?
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Bubble Boy Lippmann Doing Okay For Himself

Compared his friends. Greg Lippmann's LibreMax Capital, founded with three former colleagues from Deutsche Bank, posted a 10.12 percent gain for the year through the end of July, according to a letter to the fund's investors obtained by Reuters. The average hedge fund gained just 2.78 percent over that period, according to the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index. LibreMax got a boost last month, gaining 2.71 percent, as portions of the mortgage-backed market rallied, Lippmann, who is the fund's chief investment officer and portfolio manager, wrote in the letter. [Reuters]