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Opening Bell: 10.5.07

When it comes to toys, buying American is tough (USA Today)
USA Today declares that it's shaping up to be an "anti-China Christmas" (which is weird, since it's early October...) cause of all the lead paint and toy recalls. Still, there aren't many toys made in the US... which obviously suggests that you shouldn't buy toys as Christmas presents this year. Unfortunately, most parents aren't so creative, though they should be, since toys are a waste of time. If you're looking for something that bridges the gap between a toy and a non-toy, may we suggest a set of humble Cuisenaire Rods? Seriously, they'll turn your kid into a math savant with virtually no effort on anyone's part.
Labels Win Suit Against Song Sharer (NYT)
FInally, the scourge of illegal file sharing will be stamped out for good, now that someone has finally had the book thrown at them. This is all it took... now watch the profits roll in at the big labels.
Can a Plucky U.S. Economy Surmount $80 Oil? (NYT)
The US economy was once a juggernaut, an engine, a powerhouse and a workhorse all combined. Now it's plucky. Pretty much tells you everything you need to know about how far we've come. Anyway, as to the question on whether a plucky US economy can overcome $80 oil? Sure it can. After all, the surge in oil prices is the result of a weak dollar, which is the result of an oversupply of dollars. So while oil is at $80, it's only because we have so many more dollars to buy the stuff with. It all evens out.
Why Price Increases Are Brewing for Craft Beers (WSJ)
Like every other agricultural product, the price of hops has jumped lately, hitting smaller, high-end breweries particularly hard. At the risk of offending 50% of our readers, will just go ahead and call it what it is -- the beer snob tax.

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Fashionable New Name for Arena
Very stylish -- the New Jersey Nets stadium, which is currently just called The Meadowlands, will now be called The Izod Center, at least for fo the next few years, including its first few when it moves to Brooklyn. That's cool. It's always the wrong companies sponsoring stadiums. Minute Maid Park? PSI Net Field? Cellular One Park? All lame. The Izod Center? Nice. Now we just need a stadium named after The Corporate Executive Board.
DaimlerChrysler's Holders Approve Shortened Name (WSJ)
After all the sturm und drang over Daimler's name change, the company did approve Daimler AG. You know, maybe more companies should make big inconsequential decisions more frequently, just to get shareholders involved in something harmless.
Profits surge as BlackBerry sheds all-work, no-play image (TImes Online)
The Blackberry is doomed to obsolescence right? Sure, but in the meantime, the company is doing quite well. Research in Motion reported that profit and revenue surged by over 100% year over year, as even non business people, squares, but non business folks nonetheless, have started snapping up the device. No word yet on a touchscreen Blackberry, which hit the rumor mill yesterday.
Ackman’s Sears Stake: Challenge or Olive Branch?
Activist investor William Ackman has taken a major stake in Sears, potentially setting up a challenge to Eddie Lampert, which is awesome. Of course, whatever Ackman does, Lampert is sure to brand him as an idiot that doesn't understand the company, not that Ackman will be deterred at all.