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Our National Nightmare, Part 2

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It’s not happening ‘til the 22nd, but since it’s going to have a negative impact on all of our lives on par with things like war, famine, standing in front of a microwave, and existing within a 10 foot radius of a television showing “Rock of Love,” the sooner we can brace ourselves for the worst and prepare accordingly, the better. It’s the second act of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance strike, because the first one, which took place was either massively successful enough to warrant a sequel or because it was so ineffectual a do-over was in order (don’t know, never followed up). Bhairavi Desai, the union’s co-founder, said that the protest, over new rules that require cabs to use GPS systems and touch-screen monitors that will let passengers pay by plastic, will begin at 5 a.m. and last 24-hours. She expects an even bigger turn out than last time.
Mayor Bloomberg claims that the city is fully prepared for the strike, with a “contingency plan” in place, though he would not deign to say what it entails. Our guess is something obscene like encouraging people to “take the subway,” which is why you call in sick and get as far from Manhattan as possible. There may not be enough company-sanctioned town cars to go around.
Please remember that while it may seem scary, it’s important not to panic. Let’s not use this space to remember the horror which befell us all on 9/5. Let’s use it as a forum in which we can figure out how we’re going to fight back. We will not let them prey on our fear (or make us take the bus).
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