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Republican Economic Debate Starting Now

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If political fraud were a crime, television networks carrying political debates could be sued for scheme liability. All of the Republican presidential candidates gathering today in Dearborn, Michigan today to debate economic issues are expected to say very much the same things in different words. The only possible exception is Ron Paul, who we half-suspect doesn’t really want to become president anyway. All will claim to be the next Ronald Reagan, who really wasn’t anywhere near as wonderful a president as many Republicans now claim to remember.
When we watch these things we’re reminded of HL Menken’s words on a long-past presidential race. "All of the great patriots now engaged in edging and squirming their way toward the Presidency of the Republic run true to form,” he wrote. “This is to say, they are all ... more or less palpable frauds. What they want, primarily, is the job.”
Anyway, the debate has just started and you can watch a live stream of it on CNBC's site. It ought to come with it’s own warning label, though. “Viewer beware. Politicians speaking.”


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