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Sending Out An SOS

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Hey guys,
We realize this is kind of last minute, not very well thought out, and a lot to ask of the 20% of you who are still employed and have more important things to do today, but you've always said that if we ever found ourselves in trouble and had nowhere else to turn, we could come to you. Well, we're coming to you—we want to rehire this kid Heath Khan (no relation to Genghis) who used to work here but don't have the money (maybe if more of you had clicked on the Mike's ads, we wouldn't be in this situation). Can someone float us the funds? If we get enough page views with Heath back on the team, there's a chance we'll even be able to pay you back in cash at some point in the future, or you could take some equity in the company now. What do you say? Know what we say? Kidding! No one named Heath ever worked here. Little ‘trick’ for you, in honor of the day. Okay, but let's talk seriously for a second-- we really do have a friend who needs your help/charity. His name is Tim and he's in a major jam. Kid has no clue what to be for Halloween. We know you've got ideas for him. The only stipulation is that it doesn't cost too much, because he doesn't currently have a source if income, per se. It won't be hard to top last year's costume, which was apparently a lumberjack (this was just before Wall Street Warriors became a hit, you see, so the pressure wasn't really on him to think up something great), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't reach for the stars. We've come up with a few jumping off points, from which you can either pick one and say "Hey, great, and this is how you execute it, Tim" or come up with your own.
A hedge fund manager (he’s always wanted to be one, and Halloween is a holiday of aspiration)
Brian Hunter
Neil Cavuto (they’ve got the same hair)
Lolcat Ben Bernanke: I'z up in yer marketz, cutting yer inflation. (That was John’s idea)
A person who’s going to buy his book (so this might just require his regular street clothes, I don’t know)
Max Cordero