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Slate Launching Business Site

Slate is planning to launch a new site next year "devoted exclusively to business news and opinion," according to John Koblin at the New York Observer.
"We think there’s an opening for a really smart, analytical, opinionated Web site that could be Webby and fast and agile,” Slate editor David Plotz tells Koblin.
Portfolio Market Mover Felix Salmon applauds the move. "What's more, that space, which was very empty at the beginning of this year, could fill up very rapidly, to the benefit of all concerned," he writes.
It seems that they still haven't found an editor to run the new site. Koblin reports that they asked Elizabeth Spiers to take the job but she turned them down. Spiers running an edgy business news site? It's almost shocking that no-one has thought of this before.
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Raj Rajaratnam Launches Web Site, Says Wiretaps Are Illegal

In addition to putting up a fancy new website, Raj Rajaratnam and his lawyers made a motion today to suppress the government's wiretap evidence. In a 75-page brief, lawyers for Raj laid out their argument that FBI Special Agent B.J. Kang and the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of Manhattan intentionally misled the court when they sought authorization secretly listen in on Raj's cell phone.