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Solicitation of Underage Hookers Was An 'Out Of Character' Move For Jeffrey Epstein

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Towel boy Jeffrey Epstein will admit next month to soliciting (via personal assistant) underage prostitutes for naked massages and go to prison for 18 months plus a few months of confinement in a prison of his own making—the man’s hot pink Palm Beach house. Though recorded interviews between Epstein’s wingwoman, Sarah Kellen, and prospective freelance employees confirmed that Epstein insisted (while the mic was on, at least) that the girls be over 18, one masseur named in court documents was apparently more like 14. (It appears that the fact that the girl’s MySpace profile said she was 18 was not a legit defense in the eyes of the court.) Others are said to have been 16 or 17, ages that are so close to 18 you’d think they’d count as okay but apparently, not so.
Despite getting nailed for the U-18 set, a big no-no in Florida, Epstein will not be charged with having sex with the youth, because he didn’t. (Eps’s fetish reportedly only has the girls massaging him sans clothes, with occasional vibrator play, until the kinks have been worked out, at which point he takes the reigns entirely and it becomes a one-man (+ towel) show.)
Epstein had no comment but his spokesman, Howard Rubenstein noted that “…for 30 years, he’s been one of the most charitable individuals I’ve ever met. He’s given tens of millions of dollars without seeking publicity for it, and he’s also known as a brilliant financial adviser. So this was clearly out of character for a man who’s led a very decent life.”
Other things that Rubenstein would flag as being out of character for Epstein include penetration (Rubenstein said he would be especially shocked to hear about his client engaging in this), sex unfettered by the hassle of ATM withdrawals, and a day going by without Epstein flipping out on someone for not using a coaster (he has been known to go off the deep end over “god damn rings of moisture on the coffee table.”)
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