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Stan O'Neal Weekend WatchUpdate: WSJ Says He's Done.

Red Sox Win!: They're shipping up to Boston with the World Series trophy. Our friend Will Leitch at Deadspin said it best: "The Rockies did the best they could to make a game, or a series, out of it, but it just wasn't happening: The Boston Red Sox were not to be denied." We're not going anywhere Professor Thom's tonight but congratulations to all our lads and lasses up in the New York City embassy of Red Sox nation. (10.29.07)
Portfolio: The connection between the news media and back-room power-plays. (10.28.07)
[Editor's note: It is 7:55. And that's probably our last update for a while. Time to see if Colorado gets swept. Assuming the bartender at our local pub doesn't over-serve us, we'll check back in after the game. In the meantime, feel free to leave any updates in the comments section below or email us at If nothing new develops from the Merrill board tonight (which seems likely given the hour), we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. ]
CNBC: Merrill's board considered offering Stan O'Neal the position of interim CEO while they choose a permanent director. Sources close to the situation initially said that a member of the Merrill board would be named interim chairman. (10.28.07)
Bloomberg: The pile-on begins! Daniel Tully, who ran Merrill Lynch in the 1990s, calls firm's third-quarter losses "sickening."
WSJ: Stan has "decided to leave," according to familiar people! (10.28.07)
CNBC: Stan O'Neal "has been ousted as chairman and chief executive officer of Merrill Lynch that much is certain," reports Charlie Gasparino. (10.28.07)
Reuters: Blackrock boss Larry Fink says he's unaware that he's a candidate for the top spot at Merrill Lynch. That would make him the only one who is unaware. (10.28.07)
NYT: The Merrill board has reached a broad consensus that Stan will go, according to people briefed on the discussions. (10.28.07)

The price-tag of ousting O'Neal: $159 million. (10.28.07)
WSJ: O'Neal is expected to step down, according to someone familiar with the firm's plans. (10.27.07)