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Stan's Got A Plan: He's Outta Here!

Oh. Please. When will it end? Remember when we used to write about a variety of topics? Like proxy access, Halloween custumes, Bank of America, chocolate, backdating and Bess Levin's nocturnal habits. That's so over. Now it's just Merrill. Merrill. Merrill Merrill.
Yes. We've got more Merrill on the brain. Our pal Charlie Gasparino is reporting that Merrill Lynch head honcho Stanley O'Neal has told "associates" (read: people who pretend they like you but are totally talking about you behind your back) that he's likely to be ousted as CEO in the coming days as the big brokerage firm's financial problems mount.
(See what we mean?)
Chuck G (who is totally unrelated to Flavor Flav and was never, ever in either Public Enemy or that band named for that shit that was going to kill us all in late 2001 but never did) says that John Thain and Larry Fink are in the running to run Merrill—despite their menacing names!
Also: hey. Enough with the halloween costumes. We're totally writing more stuff now. Look up here!

That band was called Anthrax! Thanks anonymous tipster Hank Poll-Son!

Merrill's O'Neal Adieu By Weekend