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The Fox Business Brain Trust

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On Fox Business’s website, they’ve listed the bios of the team’s members. Pretty standard stuff (name, age, height, weight, favorite position) and then the various answers to the question, “What was the best money advice you ever received?” Neil Cavuto said, “Don't live in the moment. It passes. And the money spent on it passes, too (that dress for my daughter thing not withstanding!). It took me a lot of years to appreciate the simple wisdom of that advice, but it extends to almost anything -- from life and its challenges to the markets and their zigs and zags. I like to think the power of compounding applies to not only the money we invest, but the experiences we share. My mom used to say that life was like a sweeping landscape, the details of which are colored in over time. Money matters are much the same. Bull and bear markets are just mere punctuations in time. Ride them out, because they all work out.” Alexis Glick responded, “When buying real estate, never look at what's inside the four walls.” And Jenna Lee’s answer, to the question, "what is the best money advice you ever received," which she would now like to pass on to you? “Always take your receipt.”
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