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The Fox Hunt Begins!

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Fox Biz is up and running. We caught a few minutes of their morning show today—Money for Breakfast—while we were shifting through our emails and counting our piles of Shreveport money. It’s great to see Alexis Glick back on the air. A few years away from the daily grind of on air business news reporting seems to have filled her with the kind of energy we usually only see from teeth-grinding twenty-somethings in basement bars on Rivington Street.
The television in the DealBreaker Bunker has been out of commission all morning, so we haven’t seen much more of their offerings. But the new website is up. It’s easy to navigate, already chocked full of content, and, as you can see from the video above—they’ve enabled embeddable videos. (CNBC: Pay attention. Embedding is important for online video!) One caveat: the embedded videos begin playing automatically, which makes them impossible to put on the front page of most websites. (Fox Biz: Pay attention. No one wants videos that start blaring advertisements and video at them when they open a web page. Cut it out.)
But just because we can’t watch Fox Business doesn’t mean no one is watching. Huffington Post hottie Rachel Sklar spent her morning with the Foxies, and has come back with a report.

Verdict: Jovial and jocular (and actually jock-ular given the number of sports-related stories), visually pleasing, with toothily winsome "Money For Breakfast" anchor Alexis Glick beaming so hard her eyes crinkled (seriously, getting a screengrab of her smiling with her eyes open is a challenge). (NB: There is a "Money for breakfast and the chicks for free" joke in here somewhere, given FBN's already-buzzed-about penchant for pretty ladies and tapping of contributors whose on-camera appeal might not necessarily derive from a business resume. I want my Fox Biz TV?)

She also runs through some of their first bloopers. Like cars that don’t start and getting some important details wrong, like the price of wifi at Starbucks. (Hint: not free.)
The internets have been abuzz with predictions about how the new network will fare—and what it will or “must” accomplish—but the most thoughtful take we’ve come across is from Chris Roush, of Talking Biz News. Roush puts together a wish list of programming he’d like to see from the new network. Topping the list is a show focusing on M&A.
“Deals are announced every day, but frankly when I want news about mergers and acquisitions, I don’t go to TV, I go to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times or the hometown papers of the companies involved. I envision an hour-long show each day that takes a look at the pros and cons of the deals that have been announced in the past 24 hours,” he writes.
Which brings us to our question: what do you want to see from a new business network?
After the jump, the full schedule for Fox Biz.

Ugh. The video plays automatically. We've moved it behind the jump. Be prepared to hear a noisy advertisement after clicking the link.
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• 5-6am: FOX Business Morning Nicole Petallides and Jennifer Lee
• 6-10am: Money For Breakfast Alexis Glick, Peter Barnes and Liz MacDonald
• 10am-12pm: FOX Business Tom Sullivan and Cheryl Casone
• 12-2pm: FOX Business Stuart Varney, Dagen McDowell and Connell McShane
• 2-5pm: FOX Business David Asman & Co-Anchor TBD (hmmm... Liz Claman's available Wednesday)
• 5-6pm: Happy Hour Cody Willard and Rebecca Gomez
• 6-7pm: Neil Cavuto
• 7-8pm: America's Nightly Scoreboard David Asman
• 8-9pm: The Dave Ramsey Show
• 9-10pm: Cavuto (repeat)
• 10-11pm: America's Nightly Scoreboard (repeat)
• 11pm-12am: Happy Hour (repeat)*
* Note: This is very much like our own schedule, a happy hour that repeats itself sometime around midnight.