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The Reason For James Cayne’s Hospitalization: A Prostate Infection?

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“I feel great,” Bear Stearns chief executive James Cayne tells London Thomas of the New York Times.
But it wasn’t clear the editors at the Times are entirely persuaded. They headlined the story with a metaphor that seemed to hint that Cayne might not be at full strength. “Ailing Firm Gets Tonic From China,” the headline proclaims. Thomas uses similar language in the article to describe the firm’s condition and mentions that Cayne recently spent several days in the hospital.
Charlie Gasparino, who first broke the story of Cayne’s hospitalization, is now reporting that his condition was more serious than indicated in earlier reports. At the time, it was reported that Cayne was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection. On CNBC’s Fast Money tonight, however, Gasparino reported that Cayne was hospitalized instead for a prostate infection. Acute prostate infections are usually treatable with antibiotics but sometimes require a hospital stay. Severe cases can be fatal. It is not related to more serious conditions such as prostate cancer.