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There Can Only Be ONE Bear Stearns Executive Who Is Never At The Office!

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This truly has to be the greatest story ever told. I submit that its magnificence is unparalleled. I’m not a very religious person but believe that the following information proves the existence of God. If ever you are lonely or poor or just plain sad, think about what I’m about to tell you and all will be good again.

In the last few months of Spector's tenure, the two men avoided each other in the executive dining hall, according to former and current associates. And as the storm over the hedge fund meltdown gathered force in July, Cayne was angry at Spector for spending almost two weeks at a bridge tournament in Nashville, Tennessee. Cayne, who is ranked 611th in the world by the World Bridge Federation, attended the same event for just a few days.

Got that? James Cayne took someone other than himself to task for not coming in to work. James Cayne, who took the entire summer off to cheat at golf, showed someone the door for allegedly shirking his responsibility to play games. JAMES CAYNE, who played and lost in the first round to the No. 15 seed at that same bridge tournament, stripped someone of his livelihood for taking too many personal days. JAMES CAYNE, who left the Bear Stearns conference call that was held to discuss the various way in which the company was fucking stuff up over the summer after two minutesbecause he was going to be late to his regularly scheduled (early) Friday afternoon golf game, forcing another Bear Stearns exec to tell an analyst who had posed a question at Cayne, “Um, Mr. Cayne has just stepped out. Let me see if I can answer that,” fired someone for doing things other than his job. It’s really all too magical for words. If you’re embarrassed about crying at the office, come over to the DB HQs where I say free of compunction I am getting misty right now.
Cayne apparently also didn’t like the fact that Spector is a Democrat, and censured him for making such information public, in a company-wide memo, and might have felt that he was making advances on the CEO parking space, and was probably jealous that Spector’s wife was in “9 1/2 Weeks,” but that stuff, in light of other revelations, means absolutely nothing.
Spector Ousted by Cayne Over Too Much Bridge, Money [Bear Stearns]