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Top Producer: An Insider Look At Private Wealth Management

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As you know, we’re always looking for the next big thing in the literature of Wall Street. We can’t get enough of the stuff. Especially when it comes to books from Wall Streeters turned writers.
So we were more than pleased when someone leaked us the first few chapters of a novel called Top Producer. It’s looks like an updated Bonfire of the Vanities set in the world of private wealth management. The author is Norbert Vonnegut, Managing Director at Silvercrest Asset Management. Vonnegut's got a long and distinguished pedigree, having done time at Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase, and Paine Webber. Oh, yeah, and he also happens to be related to that other Vonnegut guy who's written a couple of novels.
The novel is apparently being shopped around to publishing houses by literary agent Scott Hoffman at Folio Literary, so it should be out sometime next year. That’s a longtime to wait. Will someone please leak us the rest of the book?