UBS Goes The Terribly Unimaginative Route, Fires People Who Were In Charge Of $3.42 billion Write-Down

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UBS has fired David Martin, head of interest-rate trading, following the firm’s first quarterly loss since 1998 due to its major exposure to a few collapsed areas of the bond market. James Stehli, head of the collateralized debt obligation unit, was also told he would no longer be receiving health care. Having lots of practice at letting people go—last week investment bank chief exec Huw Jenkins and CFO Clive Standish were shoved out the door, just as president Peter Wuffli was earlier in the year—the layoffs are rumored to have gone quite smoothly. Security was not needed to be called, though Martin, allegedly, did yell, “You motherfuckers aren’t going to get away with this,” as he exited the building.
Subprime Snuffs UBS Execs [New York Post]


Hiring Watch '12: UBS Was Just Joking When It Fired Scores Of Employees In The Harshest Ways Imaginable

Remember last week when UBS called New York based employees the day after Hurricane Sandy to tell them they no longer had a job, and communicated the same news to London-based staff by deactivating their ID cards and cutting off their email access? The bank is hoping everyone is at the point where they can laugh about all that, as apparently management got a bit overzealous with its firings-- these things happen in the heat of the moment-- and actually let go of a few too many people, who are now being offered their jobs back. UBS has brought back several employees who were put on leave when it unveiled a drastic pullback from fixed income last week, and more could follow, sources familiar with the situation said. The Swiss bank stopped dozens of traders from reaching their desks in London last Tuesday, when it unveiled an exit from most of its rates and bond trading businesses in a strategic overhaul that will lead to 10,000 global layoffs. The bankers were placed on special leave until further notice, while in the United States UBS fired several fixed-income employees by phone. UBS has already brought back a small handful of employees who were on leave, two people familiar with the matter said. It could also ask more to return or rehire some where needed, said three other sources, including UBS insiders, adding that some desks were now too thinly staffed to operate properly, if they were desks the bank ultimately wanted to keep going. No hard feelings? UBS takes back some traders on leave amid overhaul [Reuters] Earlier: UBS Takes Swift Action On Job Cuts; Layoffs Watch ’12: UBS Tells Employees Not To Bother Themselves With Figuring Out How To Get Into Work (Ever Again)