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Vonage Gives Itself Away

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It's been a while since we said anything at all about Vonage. Mostly because we were starting to feel like rubber-neckers staring at a car accident. And there was no-one left to convince that the company was screwed on crack, toast, over.
Well, apparently they still exist. But not in a money making way. This morning we spoke to a customer who recently attempted to cancel his service and discovered that Vonage is offering incredibly steep discounts to customers in order to avoid losing them. They are basically making Vonage free.
The deal this customer was offered was a $5 monthly plan, plus a $60 credit to his account. After we plugged this in to the DealBreaker Financial Modeling Device, we discovered that $60 is twelve times $5. Which means that Vonage is giving away a year of service in order to keep its customers.
How long can Vonage continue without customer revenue? How many customers are getting this discount? More importantly, if Vonage keeps losing customers, will they start paying people to use their service?