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Want To Ensure Your Kid Won’t Die? It’ll Cost Ya.

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You say you want to be able to buy Barbie dolls for your son without worrying that he’s going to get lead poisoning but at what cost? Toy manufacturers hoping to call parents on their collective bluff—and really actually kind of baiting them to do so—today announced that they will be complying with safety standards but it’ll come out of overly worrisome guardians’ pockets. Mega Brands, which saw one child die and 27 others suffer internal injuries* on its watch this year, manipulatively bemoaned the fact that they’ve now been forced to contract “almost 200…people that go around to factories and test…from a frequency standpoint, the cost is going to go up,"and BMO Capital Markets analyst Gerrick Johnson estimated that price points will rise from $14.99 to $19.99.
Betrothed and father-to-be John Carney said, "There's no way in hell [he 's] willing to fork over an extra 5-spot." Are you?
U.S. parents want safer toys, but will cost them [Reuters]
*speaking of which, our publisher just order us these and they are AWESOME. We highly recommend them. If you thought our posting schedule was erratic before, just wait.



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