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Warren Buffett Is Either A (pick one):

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MarketWatch’s David Weidner has finally narrowed down the choices and now you must choose between the two: liar or genocidal maniac?

Human-rights groups said they were disappointed Darfur didn't figure into Buffett's decision. Don't believe a word of it…If it were all about the profit, Buffett, by his own admission, left money on the table. "I still sold it way too soon," he said. This doesn't sound like investing the Warren Buffett way. Berkshire owned more than 11% of PetroChina when it bought its stake in 2006. So, with the stock rising, he sells all of it in a matter of months after an investor protest at the Berkshire annual meeting? Unlikely. Warren Buffett was uncomfortable with this investment. And if he wasn't? Then he's as deluded as the sick people who are profiting from the suffering in Africa.

Not to influence your choice, but we’ve received no fewer than five emails to tips at dealbreaker dot com more or less implying that the Oracle has the heads (like, the skulls) of several Amnesty International officials in his basement meat locker. But he’s also looked Food and Drug Administration officials in the face and flat out lied about the fat content in one of Dairy Queen's large Oreo Blizzards (he says zero grams, they counter that it's more like 25). So this is a tough call.
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