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What The Hell Just Happened On The Countrywide Call?

We were listening in on the Countrywide conference call just now—mostly because we didn't know that David Gaffen was liveblogging it so we don't have to—and about four minutes into the thing everything goes haywire. A full minute of what sounds like static and lambs or babies screaming. We just assumed it was a subprime phone line or that Angelo Mozzillo's self-tanner had leaked into the telephone console.
But a reader writes that what actually happened was that somebody hacked the call and started yelling "Mozillo is a criminal." Anybody else hear that part? Can a brother get a confirmation?
Tilt. Another reader asks: "Is Angelo Mozilo's tan getting darker from heat he's taking from the Board, or is it the radiant energy coming off his rapid fast CFC sell execution orders?" He puts it at 50/50.
Update: Countrywide shares up a gazillion percent. The market loves endless conference calls!
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