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When You Rebound From Jeffrey Epstein, You Rebound Hard

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At left, Maximilia Cordero, 23 and her lawyer William Unroch, 57, who also happens to be her boyfriend, with whom she’s been trying to get over the millionaire massage enthusiast and also fuck him over for money. The power couple is alleging that beginning in 2000, Jeffrey Epstein forced Cordero to perform “unnatural sex acts” on him at his Upper East Side apartment, by promising to help her with her modeling career, and maybe even get her into the Victoria Secret catalogue. (By what must be a matter of sheer coincidence, that also appears to be how the Cordero/Unroch relationship began, as Unroch also runs a model and talent agency, on the side of his law practice.)
Unroch wouldn’t say why is client/girlfriend waited until 7 years after the fact to take action, nor why she had never pressed criminal charges, but only that the suit—which is seeking unspecified money damages—is “about righting a wrong.” Though Epstein’s lawyer, Gerald Lefcourt said that the statute of limitations on the allegations had expired and predicted the lawsuit would be thrown out of court, Unroch, who has as least one prior case of this nature under his belt (last year he sued a neighbor for accusing him of having a relationship with a minor, that minor being Cordero), seems to be doing a bang-up job, so far. In addition to telling Cordero to say in court documents that she “just want[ed] to be a model,” Unroch made sure to cover the “whore out for money” bases by noting that his client suffered from mental illness at the time(s) of the fellatio. That proved to be good thinking—yesterday, Lecourt said Cordero "admitted in her papers that she's insane, but she can read the word 'rich' in the newspapers."
Hopefully this whole mess can be cleared up as soon as possible, as it’s obviously cutting into Unroch’s blogging time (about, most recently: “Minipigs” as the new ideal pet: Read today about tiny pigs being sold as pets. Small as a pomeranian. What a wonderful pet. Imagine the fun you will have taking your minipig to the Waldorf for lunch or McDonalds for breakfast. I expect tiny pigs will be the preferred pet in every household in New York within the next 5000 year, Cheesecake: The CIA is using cheesecake as torture. This is truly horrifying. Poor terrorists were not fed for a few hours and forced to be asked questions while the interrogator was eating delicious cheesecake. Now if this were done to me, especially if it was an Entemans Pineapple or Strawberry Cheesecake I would sell out your mother to get a piece. This horrifying torture goes beyond the bounds of human decency and should never be allowed, and underage girls: As all my faithful readers know the spirit world is not particularly nice. However be that as it is I had a most pleasant experience this early pm. Met 17 year old supermodel Laura in Riverside Park. She was incredibly awesome. I felt like Charlie Brown the first time he actually met the great pumpkin. This kid was more together in her little pinky than all the jewish housewifes in Long Island and maybe even Queens put together in one smoldering lump of dirty doo doo. I can't even think of anything nasty to say. Anyway this convinced me that the terror of the stinky middle aged girl friend(which I never had) is not the answer to Darfur or West End Avenue for that matter. Like the Bard said."Truth is beauty, beauty truth. That's all ye know on earth and all ye need to know."
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