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Where Are The "People Familiar With The Situation?"

Stan O'Neal is having the best day ever. We're pretty sure he's getting ready to pull the old "I just got fired" thing that our little brother did back when the market crashed in 2001. You know, that's where you take your box of belongings and stolen office supplies into the bar and get everyone to buy you drinks because you just got laid off. (This worked so well to get free drinks for our brother that he has been doing this for about six years now.)
Wait. What were talking about? Oh. Right. Merrill Lynch. That's pretty much all we're talking about today. So, where were we?
Hmmm. Oh. Right. Again. We're back.
So the share price of Merrill is shooting up (we already made that joke) while everyone talks about Stan O'Neal getting the boot. And we're having one of those "dog that didn't bark" moments. Ordinarily, when the lads get to yapping like this, a company will officially say it "does not comment on market speculation" but someone "familiar with the situation" will tell that David Faber fellow to quash the rumor.
And you know what's not happening? There's no anonymous sources quashing the rumor. If Stan wasn't three steps from the door, someone would be giving a "not for attribution" denial about the rumor. But no one is. Dog not barking.