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Why Don’t You Just Throw Us, Still Seated On Our Spin Bike, Into A Wall?

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So the lawyer representing Chris Carter, who we noted the other day might’ve been freed of his responsibilities at Maxim Investments Group, just called to say that it was “reckless” of us to state that his client had been “fired,” because, he says, it isn’t true. He “demanded” that we print a “corrective article” (check) and then took us to task for “harm[ing] or attempt[ing] to harm Mr. Carter’s professional reputation and activities.” Now, we take full responsibility for passing along what apparently turned out (so far) to be an incorrect bit of information (though we’ll add that Maxim didn’t think enough of Carter to deny the rumor when we called for comment), but the assertion that we damaged the reputation of the guy who, after telling fellow Equinox spinning classmate Stuart Sugarman, who was audibly working out at the time, to “quiet down,” “shut the fuck up,” and “seriously, shut the fuck up,” threw the unquiet rider, still seated on his bike, into a wall? That’s a bit rich. We wish we had that kind of power.
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