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Will New Dean's Ties To Pedophile Affect Wharton? If Rankings Are Compromised, Yes!

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New Wharton Dean Thomas S. Robertson is apparently pretty tight with erstwhile W professor Scott Ward, recently sentenced to fifteen years in prison for some sexual misconduct with young boys, according to the kids at IvyGate, who apparently track that kind of thing. Not only have Robertson and Ward co-published and co-edited books (in which children are prominently figured) together, but the duo co-owned a house on Cape Cod for twenty-five years, beginning in 1977. Scandalous! (Or maybe not "scandalous" but "potentially shady.")
Penn spokeswoman Lori Doyle commented that the University has determined (scientifically, one assumes) that the friendship will have “no bearing on Dr. Robertson’s ability to lead the Wharton School.” IG, however, is skeptical, and we’re inclined to agree—everyone knows that pedophilia is a communicable disease, and it’s a slippery slope (/less than 20 minute walk) from here to Drexel University’s LeBow School of Business. (And this is not a snap judgement in any way, but does that smile say "I love children" or does that smile say "I love children"?)
New Wharton Dean Kinda BFF With Disgraced Pederast [IvyGate]


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