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You Know How We Feel About This

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Warren Buffett has once again reduced Berkshire Hathaway’s stake in PetroChina. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. This is the sixth time since July that Buffett has sold shares in the oil and gas producer, this time unloading 220.5 million worth about $362 million, at an average price of HK$12.80 each. BRK’s holdings in Petro are now down nearly half, to 5.44% from a summer high of 11.05%. The fact that PetroChina’s stock hit a record high last week has caused horribly naïve analysts to cite “money” as being a large factor, if not the only factor, in Buffett’s September 25 sale, though the true pink elephant in the room that no one will touch (not even Punk Ziegal & Co) is that sometime in July, Buffett started making a conscious effort to disassociate himself from genocide.
His choice to stop funding the population project in the Sudan—after rejecting a Berkshire shareholder's proposal to sell the entire PetroChina stake because of the parent company's ties to the Sudanese government in May—is just one in a series of truly bizarre decisions on Buffett’s part, including but not limited to (possibly) mulling a stake in a firm at which you can take a few days off to play cards in midst of an enormous crisis but the line is drawn (and fired) at two weeks, and not pressing charges following John Carney’s attempted burglary at Buffett's Omaha house.
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