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$92.17 Is Actually Far More Than MER Employees Are Going To Get So Scratch Them From The List Straightway

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The Wall Street Journal’s question of the day today is “What size bonus do you expect to get this year?” One response was: “I do get a bonus, and it will be much larger than last year’s owing to both company and individual performance ratings, plus a promotion.” Another: “Bonus??? What bonus??? Not sure if $92.17 counts as a bonus.” Clearly the first came from a second-year at Goldman, well-practiced in the fine art of touting the Goldman name, engaging in auto-fellatio and typing all at the same time. But what of the second? The options seem limitless. Obviously we could simply peg it to a MER employee and call it a day, but let’s think outside the box for a second. It could be someone from BSC. It could be Sowood Capital manager Jeff Larson. You people have the resources to nail this one.
What size bonus do you expect to get this year? [WSJ]



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