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Adolf Not Hilarious Enough For Top Slot At Citi, Ahmadinejad “Too Inexperienced”

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The arbiters of comedy at The Economist didn’t think our suggestion for who should run Citigroup—we said Hitler—was funny. ‘Cept we weren’t making a joke, so it’s not really clear why our nomination was being graded by the Collin Quinns of the UK. We were being dead serious, and gave three legitimate reasons why the corpse of a genocidal maniac might be just the thing to get “it” (a quarter without multi-billion dollar write-downs, profitability) done. Still, the lack of hilarity apparently wasn’t offensive enough to keep the CQs from scanning the comments section and quoting some of the recommendations (Maria Bartiromo, Greg Norman, Stan O’Neal) made by our dear readers for the job, but not others (Angelo Mozilo, Prince (the singer), GZA). The mag’s own pick for CEO is thirty year (1969-1999) Citigroup vet Shaukat Aziz, who is now the prime minister of Pakistan. Which, we admit, is much, much funnier. Because things over in Pakistan are going just swimmingly.
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