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Bear Stearns Cleaner Than Citigroup

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Forget about subprime write-downs and executive ousters for a moment. For a real glance at how the biggest names on Wall Street are doing, take a look inside the executive dining rooms. Or, if you can’t actually get into the executive dining room, check out the website of New York City’s department of hygiene.
It’s one of the grand egalitarian truths of our city that even powerful Wall Street firms are subject to inspection by government health bureaucrats. And their latest inspections reveal that Bear Stearns has one of the cleanest food facilities on the Street. Inspectors there found no violations. Citi, however, is not as fortunate. It scored 8 violation points for failing to keep cold food cold enough. Lehman Brothers did even worse, with 14 violation points.
But it looks like Wall Street is cleaning up its act. Earlier this year, inspectors found truly rank conditions at Citi, Lehman and Bear Stearns, where violations were two or three times as great as they are now.
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