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Bear Stearns Finally Wins At Something, Pending The Results Of A Dope Test

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They may routinely lose on the not blowing up hedge funds/passing drug tests/having a good reputation in general fronts but last night, Bear Stearns finally got to taste victory, when its stock price surpassed those of all its competitors on the Street, including Goldman’s. I mess, but that’d be pretty rich, wouldn’t it? The real story is that at the first annual Extell Wall Street Boxing Charity Championship, a benefit that raised money for a variety of causes ranging from prostate cancer to child abuse, Bear Stearns’s Josh “The Matrix” Weintraub, knocked out Goldman’s Shane “Second Coming” Kinahan in the first round. It’s almost paralyzingly shocking to find out that Godman doesn’t employ the best athletes on the Street but what can you do? Here's a video of Kinahan pumping up to lose. Thanks for stopping by.
Boxing: Wall Street style [Fortune]