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Bear Stearns Is Afraid Of Its Own Employees

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We’ve been digging deeper into how DealBreaker got blocked on the computers at Bear Stearns. We’ve finally learned the truth and it’s totally shocking.
DealBreaker didn’t get blocked because Bear Stearns wanted to censor our content, according to Bear Stearns. It wasn’t Bess Levin’s harping on golf, sex, drugs and cards. It wasn’t Opening Bell’s hatred of red apples. It wasn’t even our controversial stand on proxy access. And, even more shockingly, it wasn’t the dirty minds and mouths of some of our loyal commenters.
Bear Stearns has apparently blocked DealBreaker because they are afraid of their own employees. The company tries to block any website that allows its employees to speak out of turn. Facebook and Microsoft’s Hotmail are also said to be blocked in compliance with this policy. Bear Stearns has its baby bears on lockdown, unable to reach out to the outside world via the interweb. So DealBreaker’s commenting feature is what go us blocked, apparently.
When we learned this from Bear Stearns we had the distinct feeling that it was intended to make us feel better. “It’s not you. It’s me,” they were saying. But they underestimate the depth of our paranoia. After all, if they aren’t targeting us, why is DealBreaker blocked while some other prominent business websites that permit comments, including the New York Times’ DealBook, are not? Somehow we’re not convinced Bear’s desire to control their own employees is the entire story here.
But we have good news for our beleaguered Bear Stearns readers. You can still read DealBreaker by subscribing to our RSS feed. You can also subscribe to our daily newsletter by using that nifty little button on the left side of your screen.