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Ben Bernanke Saves Thanksgiving From Ron Paul

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Ben Bernanke has a special Thanksgiving message for DealBreaker and Ron Paul. It sounds like he's not happy about that video we posted yesterday.
"It’s clear from this video that Ron Paul does not understand all the advancements of economic science over the past few decades. If one of Dr. Paul’s patients was sick, would he ignore modern medicine and prescribe leeches? So why does he doubt my ability to prescribe the right interest rate medicine for the economy and favor returning to the gold standard?" Bernanke writes on Ben Bernanke's Blog.
But it's not all about leeches. There's also a suspicious Frenchness about Ron Paul's enthusiasm for laissez faire economics.
"Watch the video closely. I tell him that lowering interest rates (which has nothing to do with inflation, necessarily) won’t effect Americans’ ability to buy turkey or any other domestic products this Thanksgiving. In fact, it reinforces our culture. Ron Paul would have Americans running around with strong dollars (or worse, gold), buying up French fries, spaghetti and other fancy imports," Bernanke argues.
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