Breaking News: Most Important Story Of Day Is Called Untrue


The most important financial story of the day has been called into question. Hot shot hottie CNBC producer Stephanie Landsman—who is apparently well connected with other members of her species—spoke with Gisele Bundchen’s manager, who told her that the supermodel isn't siding with Warren Buffett as a U.S. dollar bear after all.
We were about to declare the bear trade on the dollar totally over on the grounds that super-model endorsement is certainly a contrary indicator for financial decisions. But it looks like the trade might be alive and well after all. Bundchen's manager, Anne Nelson, tells CNBC that reports that Gisele wants to be paid in euros are "false
"Some idiot in Brazil reported something just to make news," she said.
But we have some reason to doubt that Bundchen is really a dollar bull babe. “Nelson points out that Gisele lives in New York City, and thus needs U.S. dollars for her big-city lifestyle,” CNBC writes. But this doesn’t quite hold-up. It’s totally possible that Gisele is keeping her savings in Euros and converting them back to dollars for day to day uses. Maybe a denial too far?
Also, it's hard not to think that some sort of PR spin went into this denial. Gisele if you're short the dollar, the American public will be short you! Retract, deny, rinse, repeat.
Gisele's manager did not return our requests for a date interview with Bundchen.
Supermodel Gisele Not in Buffett's Bear Camp on Dollar After All, Manager Tells CNBC []