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Crab Hands Jr. Is Off The Market

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Stephen and Ellen Schwarzman’s son, Edward “Teddy” Schwarzman, was married off Saturday evening to Ellen Maria Zajac, daughter of Ellen and John Zajac. (Ellen DeGeneres performed a couple of sets during cocktail hour and just before the cutting of the cake, and Ellen Barkin sat at table 19. Over dinner, someone mentioned something about Teddy finally fulfilling his life-long dream of marrying a woman with the same name as his favorite actress, Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo.) So sad and, yet, kind of meh (call us when Daniel Loeb’s unborn son is no longer available, then we’ll be upset. NB: Carney does not share the indifference. When I’m finished with this, I’ll go try and talk him off the ledge). One DealBreaker spy in attendance for the nuptials reports that “there were fireworks after dessert” and talk that Schwarzman junior had been encouraged to “marry for money,” on account of the family business falling on hard times.
Ellen Zajac and Teddy Schwarzman [NYT]