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Credit Crunch Kills Budding Romance/Courtesanship

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What I'm about to offer you via my roommate is more than just the greatest breakup anecdote ever told, it's a reflection of the collapse of the commoditized-sex carry trade.

"PS I forgot to tell you. In the process of our over-and-out conversation, Jeff did offer up this:
"I really like you a lot, but I just don't feel like I have anything to offer you right now, with this credit crunch and all..."

It's share-time. How is the credit crunch/market collapse affecting your sex life/ability to find meaningless intercourse for relatively little (in terms of time, fancy dinners, expensive-looking gifts)? The best story will win five uncorrected proofs of Mergers and Acquisitions or a date with John Carney (on you). Your call.


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