Dow Was Down Sharply On Thanksgiving, BBC Reports

While most Americans were enjoying our “jingoistic” holiday on Thursday, the Dow apparently dropped “substantially…amidst more credit crunch fears.”
Or, at least, that’s what the BBC’s Newsnight reported. And it was only after viewers informed them that the US stock exchanges were closed for Thanksgiving that they realized their error.
They’ve gone and apologized for the mistake. You see, they don’t really get around to the market information until the last minute and they simply overlooked the fact that they were reporting the news from the day before. Apparently, this has happened to them a couple of times. Now they have found a way to ensure against future errors. They are going to insert a note on the page where they write down the market information that will read: “MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE AMERICAN MARKETS ARE NOT ON A HOLIDAY”
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