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Epstein's Accuser Accuses Page Six Of 'Raping' 'Her' All Over Again

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Speaking of, well, see below, Maximilia Cordero is now suing the New York Post for smearing 'her.' You’ll remember that Cordero came forward alleging she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein after word got around that the mysterious money manger would plead guilty to charges of soliciting prostitution down in Palm Beach. After she fired suit against Epstein for sexual misconduct when she was underaged, the Post printed stories alleging that Cordero was born a man.
And thus a new lawsuit was born. Now Cordero and her lawyer (and alleged sometime boyfriend) William Unroch have filed a lawsuit the Post, claiming it engaged in a smear campaign coordinated with Epstein’s flack Howard Rubenstein (who is also the publicist for the Post).
Radar has all the dirt, but here’s the dirtiest bit:

Conspicuously absent from the accusations is the Post's revelation that Cordero was born a man. A source tells Radar that the initial filing of the suit by Unroch includes as an exhibit a birth certificate, which showed Cordero being born Maximilia Cordero, a woman. Reached by phone this weekend, Unroch (with Cordero commenting loudly in the background but declining to come to the phone), called the Post's behavior "outrageous" but refused to address Cordero's birth gender or the authenticity of the birth certificate originally filed. "She's a woman," Unroch tells Radar. So, why not go after the Post's gender claims?
"It's a slam dunk case whether she was born a cat, a dog, or a space alien," Unroch says. He also claims to have phone records proving a series of calls between Epstein and the then-16-year-old Cordero. He names several Post reporters in the suit, including one from Australia, whose work status he says he plans to question along with the overall foreign labor use by the Post. "They came into my junkyard," Unroch says, "and I'm a pitbull. And I'm going to bite them so hard that they'll never do this to anyone else."

And now back to your regularly scheduled pictures of Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.
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